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"...Mr. Burton is very dedicated to his craft, as evident through his years overhauling watches for our Jewelry store (Friedman’s). The quality of his work, especially with high-end watches as Rolex, is outstanding. He has, indeed, mastered the fine art of watch repair….. "B. Walker (USA)

"….I ordered a custom Swiss windup pocket watch with my alias on the face – all made and arranged to my liking. When the telegram came saying it was ready, I saddled up and road to claim my watch, not quite knowing what to expect. To say it exceeded all my dreams is an understatement. The watch is exactly what I always wanted – It’s a Daisy! Ya’ll need to contact this man if you are thinking about a real watch…..." Excerpt from the Cowboy Chronicle fromMad Dane (USA)

"I could not have been happier with the quality of Mr. Burton's work on my watches….. my expectations were exceeded! I highly recommend this watchmaker above others."Judy Smith, a satisfied customer (USA)

"Hi Steven, Just want you to know how pleased we are with all the work you have done for us recently in respect of repairing, servicing and polishing various watches. It's so nice to find an expert who performs as professionally and knowledgeably as you do...thanks!"L & A Owens (Cyprus)

"Steven has worked on two watches for me, both of which were “un-repairable” ... or so I was advised by two separate local “watch repairers” in the area. By Steven’s standards, both were only average time-pieces – although Steven was too kind not to say so! He took infinite care over the very successful repair of both (an Accurist and an Orient) and both function perfectly now, with a higher degree of accuracy that when they were first purchased. I am indebted to him, and am thrilled to endorse his work. He is totally honest in his assessments, and there are no ‘hidden surprises’ in the price quoted. Also I am impressed that he took as much care over my very average watches, as if they were top-of-the-range Rolex watches.I wish him all success in his business. "G. Hill (Cyprus)

"My husband's Corum watch was out of use for a whole year, as we couldn't find anybody to repair it. Fortunately, I've met Steven, who managed not only to repair it, but to also make it look brand-new! All this at a very reasonable price! Thank you for the great service. "Dr. S. (Cyprus)

"Hi Steven, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how delighted I am with the quality of the renovation work that you recently completed on my vintage Seiko (6138-8020 Chronograph) watch. The watch looks like new once again and is keeping perfect time. Thanks and Regards, "A. McGonigle (Ireland)

" ……my Omega (165.002) looks great - thanks very much!. My small collection of watches are now looking very well and it’s comforting to know they should be okay for a couple of years of service. I am always looking out for a new addition and I will be in touch when I need some work done. Regards, "A. McGonigle (Ireland)

"Dear Steven I am writing to thank you so very much for the excellent work you carried out on my…Omega De Ville...I was informed that my watch was very old and that spare parts were impossible to acquire anywhere. However, talking to a friend,…I was told about your watchmaking skills. My friend has had a number of his watches repaired by you and was extremely satisfied with your work. ….Without your watchmaking skills….I might as well have written it off! Instead I now have a perfectly working favorite watch of mine which. With many thanks. "Colin (Cyprus)

"Dear Steven Following the wonderful work that you carried out on my gold "Omega" wristwatch, I must now thank you for the equally excellent job completed by you recently in respect of my other "Omega", being an Automatic Chronometer "Seamaster". The watch is now working perfectly and your charges for such professional work were most reasonable. I must also thank you for the repairs to my less valuable Swiss military watch which I have for my everyday use. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend you to anybody who may be looking for a specialist watch repairer. Thank you once more for such excellent work. "Colin (Cyprus)

"Steven, It's now 10 days since my Rolex came back to me following repair, overhaul & polish. I have to say, for a 25 year old watch, it looks & feels brand new. I don't wear it often, but I've kept it wound over that period & the time is, "spot on", better than it's ever been. So yes, very pleased! Regards, "Bob. (England)

" ….I have to say your service (with the Seiko 6138-8020) has been top notch and you've communicated very well throughout this process, so thank you for that. You have a happy customer and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others..… Thanks again, "Eric (USA)

"Dear Steven I wanted to write to you to say how delighted I am with my watch(a 022-18 Record). I just keep going back to look at it, because I can’t believe it is the same watch you took from me a few weeks ago. It really is a miracle! It looks just like I have bought it brand new from the jewellers…….Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. I really do appreciate it…. Best wishes and thanks again. "Shaun (Cyprus)

"Steven, Considering my S.S. Rolex Oyster-date is 47 years old, the recent overhaul and polish carried out by you has made it look and feel like the day I bought it new back in 1966. Thanks again. Best regards, "Bob (England)